This 4-in-1 pen is quite possibly the only one you'll ever need! It comes with black, blue, and red ink plus it also includes a .7mm mechanical pencil. The gravity assisted mechanism works like magic so you can easily choose your ballpoint ink or pencil. Just hold parallel to the floor, rotate the pen in your hand until the desired color is face up and the press the click button. 


Pictured here in 24kt gold and Red Crush resin.

4 in 1 Multifunction - Ballpoint - 24kt Gold

    • MSRP: $42.99
    • Pen Type: Ballpoint
    • Length: 15cm / 5.90in
    • Weight - Whole Pen (with Ink): 1.3oz / 0.95g
    • Pre-Installed Ink Color: Red, Black, Blue, 0.7 Pencil
    • Plating: 24kt Gold
    • Finish: Wood or Resin

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